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Posted in Blog on May 21, 2013

Why you’re not getting more Facebook likes

Our new clients always ask “how can I get more Facebook likes,” thinking that there is a social media magic bullet that will catapult them into the five digits overnight. My response is: how long did it take you to make the meaningful relationships in your life? How many of tho ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 30, 2013

Five reasons why your PR firm should guarantee new ...

The idea of guaranteeing news coverage for a client is rather controversial in the PR industry. We generally have no control over the whims of editors, the reality of breaking news or the dominant conversations in of the moment. And the pressure is on. For example, NBC Nightly News with B ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 8, 2012

Three Magic Words

I have often been asked the same question over the years, “what does it take for my company to succeed,” and throughout the years the answer has sometimes been long winded. Great customer service, powerful messaging, consistent news coverage, strong leadership, etc. But as I ad ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 24, 2011

Gaga for Gaga

In honor of Lady Gaga’s return visit to our shores, I jotted down some thoughts about popular culture and business. It’s my personal opinion that corporate America – whether product or service – can learn a lesson from Lady Gaga. I believe she is one of the most co ... Continue Reading

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